Who are we and what do we do?

Amp Hospital Workshop

The Amp Hospital incorporates Surrey Amps and SV Technologies and is based at the High Technology Park at Brooklands Weybridge. We are specialists in the repair and refurbishment of Professional Sound Equipment (Surrey Amps) and Stage Lighting (SV Technologies), this includes High End Hi-Fi and the restoration of vintage amplifiers. We are experts in Solid-state, Valve and Digital technology. There is full transparency with our work which is returned with a comprehensive Test Report, Certification of Electrical Safety and our own warranty of 1 year (subject to Terms & Conditions).

Unlike the average repair workshop, here at the Amp Hospital has we work at component level; this includes conventional and surface mount components, we remanufacture loudspeakers with Thiele Characteristics matched to the original design, we rewind transformers both Conventional and Toroidal and can also offer small scale assembly of PCB’s including metalwork.All our test equipment is regularly maintained and calibrated to National Standards. We work in a fully Static-Controlled Environment with Lead and Lead-free rework facilities.

We also maintain a large inventory of manufacturer’s spares, which include Fender, Mesa, Marshall, Mackie, Eden, Randall & Ampeg to mention a few, because of this turnaround time for a general repair, where say a control shaft has sheared or input socket is broken, is kept to an absolute minimum. Valves and other general components are always in stock.

Please visit the respective websites if you have a specific requirement, however, if you would like to learn more don’t hesitate to use the contact form. If you’d like to use our repair service then please use the booking form.