Mackie SRM1801 Repair & Modification

All Mackie SRM1801 subs which pass through our workshop have a major rework and upgrade. When working, these subs sound fantastic. Deep rumble and thumping bass. We have identified a number of common problems which we address on all the 1801’s without exception.

We also carry a range of replacement parts including new 18″ drivers.

What else do we do?

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Mackie TH12A & TH15A Repair & Upgrade

The Mackie TH12A (12″ driver) and Mackie TH15A (15″ driver) are best suited to monitor speakers rather that main stage speakers. All Mackie TH12’s & TH15’s going through our workshops have revisions done to the assemblies including replacing the headers to a superior component, the firmware updated and the Low Frequency Driver replaced (TH12A Only) with one that is designed to handle the RMS power – typically 155W rms. Having seen many of these in for repair means we know how to get these working as they should, and how to get the most from these speakers.

As a result [...]

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Ampeg PF350/PF500 Repair & Modification

What else do we do?

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Mackie SRM450v2 Repair & Modification

Where as the Mackie SRM450v1 uses a mains transformer the Mackie SRM450v2 uses a Switched Mode Power Supply; (SMPS). Although this makes the speaker lighter than the v1, SMP is very much more susceptible to being damaged by mains transients. These can occur when speakers are used for outside events on long cables, mobile generators or where supplies are intermittent. In such circumstances it is always wise to ensure a ‘Surge Buster’ is used on the supply. In addition, the production is far less robust than the former SRM450v1.

All V2’s are totally reworked by us and effectively upgraded. It [...]

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