Where as the Mackie SRM450v1 uses a mains transformer the Mackie SRM450v2 uses a Switched Mode Power Supply; (SMPS). Although this makes the speaker lighter than the v1, SMP is very much more susceptible to being damaged by mains transients. These can occur when speakers are used for outside events on long cables, mobile generators or where supplies are intermittent. In such circumstances it is always wise to ensure a ‘Surge Buster’ is used on the supply. In addition, the production is far less robust than the former SRM450v1.

All V2’s are totally reworked by us and effectively upgraded. It was found on earlier units that they had poor immunity to noise emitted from dimmers. We improved this by adding a high-grade steel zyntec plate over the input circuit and ferrite beads on the mains leads as you see below. In circumstances like this we report this back to the manufacturer so that improvements can be added to new releases. Where we have found common component failures, these are replaced/upgraded as a matter of course, before they become a problem.

Mackie SRM450v2 Screening Before Mackie SRM450v2 Screening Plate

Where others replace the main boards we actually repair the boards to component level which means; a) a much more reliable repair, and b) a much cheaper repair. Our repairs typically come with the 1 year warranty (this does not include drivers). As well as carrying stock of replacement spare parts for the SRM450v2, including cabinet spares, we also have in stock low frequency drivers and high frequency compression drivers. We’re also able to source original RCF drivers when nessessary. To get your unit in to us use this form.

What else do we do?

We also offer manufacturer support, from analysis of new product designs to manufacture of PCB’s and components. We are always seeking any overseas manufacturers who are looking for total support throughout the UK for their products. To find out more please visit out sister site Surrey Amps.
Not only do we support professional audio but we can also support and repair professional stage lighting and control panels. For further information please visit SV Technologies to find out more.