The Mackie TH12A (12″ driver) and Mackie TH15A (15″ driver) are best suited to monitor speakers rather that main stage speakers. All Mackie TH12’s & TH15’s going through our workshops have revisions done to the assemblies including replacing the headers to a superior component, the firmware updated and the Low Frequency Driver replaced (TH12A Only) with one that is designed to handle the RMS power – typically 155W rms. Having seen many of these in for repair means we know how to get these working as they should, and how to get the most from these speakers.

So what do we do?

  • Rework of PSU and pre-amp stages
  • Replacement upgraded header
  • New 12″ custom Celestion driver (TH12A Only)
  • Firmware updated to latest revision
Mackie TH12s TH15s

As a result of the modifications above this will bring the THUMP back to the TH12A and Th15A, making them a more reliable unit.

What else do we do?

We also offer manufacturer support, from analysis of new product designs to manufacture of PCB’s and components. We are always seeking any overseas manufacturers who are looking for total support throughout the UK for their products. To find out more please visit out sister site Surrey Amps.
Not only do we support professional audio but we can also support and repair professional stage lighting and control panels. For further information please visit SV Technologies to find out more.